Mothers Cleaning Co-op will provide you with our Recommended estimate for your home to be cleaned  “or” you can create your own estimate with the desired amount of hours you prefer. Our Moms will come out to deep clean your home with cleaning products that smell amazing! Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner, Almond wood conditioner, minty windows.




Mothers Cleaning Co-op will  send a team of 2 Moms to clean your home

How Mothers Cleans your Home

Mothers Cleaning / House Cleaning Check List


  • Inside and outside all appliances (stove, microwave, dishwasher, toaster, & fridge)
  • Light fixtures, décor, light switches, baseboards, & spot clean walls
  • Wipe down/polish all cabinets and knobs
  • Clean countertops; underneath moveable items & clean items
  • Clean all sinks & polish handles
  • Kitchen windows, tracks, sills and sliders
  • Sweep/vacuum & mop/steam/polish
  • The hood range over the stove
  • Trash compactors or trash cans (inside & out)


  • Light fixtures, décor, light switches, baseboards, spot clean walls and mirrors
  • In, out and around the toilet (use a pumice stone for a ring)
  • Showers(tile, tub, track, doors, knobs), sinks & polish all handles
  • Wipe/ polish all cabinets and knobs and door
  • Clean counters, under all moveable items & items (don’t spray toothbrushes)
  • Sweep/vacuum & mop/steam


  • Cobwebs (high and low, behind furniture, and under cabinets)
  • All light fixtures, ceiling fans & hanging decor
  • Wipe down all decor & under all moveable items
  • Polish all wood furniture (top, front, sides, legs, & lips of drawers)
  • Vacuum furniture (inside, outside, & under)
  • Dust electronics, wipe screens with a dry duster
  • Light switches, baseboards, windows, sliders, & blinds
  • Spot clean doors and wipe thresh hold of the front door


  • Sweep or vacuum
  • Polish, steam or mop
  • Edge perimeters
  • Under all furniture (couches, beds, tables, etc)
  • Sweep/vacuum stairs


  • Make beds
  • Wipe down switches, baseboards, & floors in laundry room
  • Take out all trash and replace bags