Our moms are on a mission to disinfect all the touch surfaces in your home!
Now included in our plant-based cleaning services are antiviral antibacterial disinfectants

It doesn’t just look clean. It is clean.

  • All Counter-space/shelving/cabinetry
  • Under movable items
  • Clean decor
  • Condition wood
  • Flat screen care
  • Polish Granite/Marble – All Stone Counters
  • Baseboards/Walls/Doors/Seals
  • Vacuuming/Edging
  • Vacuum Under furniture/cushions/beds
  • Pet hair removal
  • Make Beds/Light Laundry
  • Windows/Slider: Seals, Tracks, Casings & Blinds
Sacramento house cleaning service

The Mothers Cleaning Co-Op Difference!

  • Quality Soccer Moms
  • Same Soccer Mom Service
  • Plant-Based Cleaning Products
  • Correct Product Application
  • Detailed House Cleaning
  • Reliable Professional Service

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Mother’s Cleaning Co-op is the area’s most trusted name in cleaning services! That’s because we recruit the best Moms in house cleaning to clean for you. Always Guaranteeing the same Mom service.

We are not your typical “house cleaner.”
We know all too well the industry-run house cleaner that has lowered your expectation from quality house cleaning. But now, we’re here to raise that bar!

Anna is good!

Debbie S in Citrus Heights - August 2 2023

I don't think this house has ever been cleaned, this good before. Thank you!

Kyle in Orangevale - July 1 2023

I really appreciate you guys!

Amy in Orangevale - July 29 2023

Hi Betty You are so right - she is a Keeper. Hope to have her again in 4 weeks. Pleasant, hard working, does a good job. The wood floors now look back to what they were like when new. Very happy! Thank you!

Christine in Woodland - March 31 2021

Hi Betty, the ladies kicked butt! Unfortunately I was in several meetings and couldn’t spend one moment with them. Please send me an invoice so I can pay you and tip them. They were great.

Kevin in Sacramento - March 3 2021

Hi Betty-- Brenda was wonderful-- she can come any time. And we still love Jenna... but if she's busy, we welcome Brenda.

Ann - March 29 2021

If I owned a business she is the kind of person I would want to hire. Her picture should be on the wall for #1 employee

Gerry 4/5/2021 Downtown Sac.

I walked into my house and it looks beautiful. My husband said now all you have to do is just sit down!

Lucy in Folsom 4/12/21

Hi - I thought she did a great job. Thanks. I like Maria and Jenna and hoping to be able to stay with them as regulars (if possible). The place looked very clean and did not smell like my dogs 🐕 until later... lol Thank you 🙏

Tawnya in Sacramento 3/12/21

Brenda's doing a good job. I'll give her a check. She can return in 2 weeks same time, 4/27, yes?. Thank you!

Vern in Davis 3/13/2021

Hi Betty - We told our neighbor about Brenda. They live right next door and were wondering if she has an opening for them? Thank you!

Leslie in Roseville Wed. April 14th 2021

Please tell Brenda she did an amazing job!! Thanks

Barbara in Cameron Park Wed. April 21st 2021

Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how so very pleased we are with Jenna. She always does such a great job. And is so pleasant. Always treats us & our house with great care & respect. Thank you.

Tammy in Carmichael Wed. April 21st 2021

Can we please reschedule Brenda. She did a great job! She worked very hard.

Robert in El Dorado Hills, June 6th 2021

Jacqueline is very upbeat and gets right to work. Thank you for sending her.

Mrs. White, May 11th, 2022

She did an amazing job!

Charlotte in Sacramento, May 10th, 2022

Brenda was really great! Thank you for having her come over. Would you be able to put me on her schedule every two weeks for two hours starting two weeks from now?

Vera in Folsom, June 7th, 2022

I wanted to call you to tell you I really liked who you sent to my house. She worked so hard and listened to all my preferences. Thank you!

Judith in Carmichael, June 6th, 2022


Who is Mother’s Cleaning Co-op?

Mother’s Cleaning Co-op is a locally-owned house cleaning company run by friendly, detail-oriented moms! No one does a better job of keeping your homes as clean or as in better shape for a better price, no one!

Mother’s Cleaning Co-op is the area’s most trusted name in cleaning services. We are not your typical “house cleaner.” We know all too well the industry-run house cleaner that has lowered your expectation from quality house cleaning. But now, we’re here to raise that bar! We are the Mothers in the Homes with the bright clean baseboards, perfectly dusted furniture and mandatory squeegees hanging in every sparkling shower stall. The difference is in our moms. Our mom’s give you a great clean, but we make sure your house doesn’t suffer for it. That means we don’t drag your furniture across the wood, we don’t use abrasive pads that scratch your services, we don’t use the same sponge to clean the whole house. Our mom’s are trusted, upstanding individuals for all of your house cleaning maid service needs. You’ll see them on the soccer fields, at dance recitals, and PTA meetings. All in all, Mother’s Cleaning Co-op should be your first choice in cleaning services if you want an effective, but careful clean. We want to make your home beautiful, and so we’ll treat it just like our own. When you choose us, you can expect a thorough clean, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service on all of our house cleaning and maid services. When you give us a call, you will be connected directly to one of our friendly moms, so you can expect immediate attention to your house cleaning inquiries.

What specific house cleaning services do you provide?

Our House Cleaning Check List Includes:

Kitchen House Cleaning Service

  • Inside and outside all appliances (stove, microwave, dishwasher, toaster, & fridge)
  • Light fixtures, décor, light switches, baseboards, & spot clean walls
  • Wipe down/polish all cabinets and knobs
  • Clean countertops; underneath moveable items & clean items
  • Clean all sinks & polish handles
  • Kitchen windows, tracks, sills and sliders
  • Sweep/vacuum & mop/steam/polish
  • The hood range over the stove
  • Trash compactors or trash cans (inside & out)

Bathroom House Cleaning Service

  • Light fixtures, décor, light switches, baseboards, spot clean walls and mirrors
  • In, out and around the toilet (use a pumice stone for a ring)
  • Showers(tile, tub, track, doors, knobs), sinks & polish all handles
  • Wipe/ polish all cabinets and knobs and door
  • Clean counters, under all moveable items & items (don’t spray toothbrushes)
  • Sweep/vacuum & mop/steam

Dusting House Cleaning Service

  • Cobwebs (high and low, behind furniture, and under cabinets)
  • All light fixtures, ceiling fans & hanging decor
  • Wipe down all decor & under all moveable items
  • Polish all wood furniture (top, front, sides, legs, & lips of drawers)
  • Vacuum furniture (inside, outside, & under)
  • Dust electronics, wipe screens with a dry duster
  • Light switches, baseboards, windows, sliders, & blinds
  • Spot clean doors and wipe thresh hold of the front door

Floor House Cleaning Service

  • Sweep or vacuum
  • Polish, steam or mop
  • Edge perimeters
  • Under all furniture (couches, beds, tables, etc)
  • Sweep/vacuum stairs
  • Make beds
  • Wipe down switches, baseboards, & floors in laundry room
  • Take out all trash and replace bags

How can I schedule a house cleaning appointment?

Would you like to schedule a house cleaning maid service appointment? You can book online by clicking here or call us at (916) 534-2996. We look forward to providing you with top-quality cleaning services for all of your house cleaning maid service needs.

How can I contact Mother’s Cleaning Co-op about your house cleaning services?

Please feel free to reach out to Mother’s Cleaning Co-op anytime with any questions you have on our maid services and house cleaning services. We are here to assist! You can contact us by phone by reaching us at (916) 534-2996. We are your number one source for all of your house cleaning needs. Contact us today!