How great would it be to come home from a long day at the office to find your floors cleaned, your bathrooms sanitized, your surfaces shining and your house smelling amazing with the heavenly scent of lavender, almond, and eucalyptus…

This dream scenario could be yours when you hire Mothers Cleaning Cooperative.

As an established maid service provider in the Greater Sacramento area licensed & insured with liability and workers comp insurance for its employees. Mothers Cleaning Co-op helps busy people like you maintain their households through the great alliance formed with their own custom fit cleaning Mom.

Consider a cleaning package from Mothers Cleaning Cooperative a sensible and valuable investment in your overall well being.

General Price list below is just that, general; as we do not know your specific house cleaning needs yet and we will adjust to those needs.

The pricing below assumes a house size of 1200-2200 Sqft. Homes over 2200 Sqft please call for a free estimate.

  • 3 hrs / $135
  • 4 hrs / $180
  • 5 hrs / $225
  • 6 hrs / $270
  • 7 hrs / $315
  • 8 hrs / $360
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