Choose a Mom

Meet Mavi a.k.a “Super Star”

Her work ethic is equivalent to 2 moms in the field. – I have never come across a cleaning Mom where their efficiency is equal to their thoroughness in excellence. You usually get one or the other as a strong suit. Which is great!  but her ability is extraordinary. Dubbed the “Rock Star” by her cleaning mom peers. Mavi is humble and quiet – Our secret weapon. And now we are honored to share her with you..

  • I have 12 years of house cleaning experience
  • I enjoy cleaning houses
  • I love to leave customers happy with my job


Mavi, has 2 openings left for regular biweekly clients.

Do not wait! She will be full.

New ‘Next Door’ customer, who started with Mavi on 9-7-2023 just sent in this,
“Mavi is great. She’s very thorough and quick. She responds well to change and feedback. We appreciate her.”

Cristina in Carmichael 10/5/23

Meet Gina “The Pro” House Cleaner

The depth of  her knowledge in professional house cleaning will allow you to give over your home reins to her expertise. What goes into your house cleaning with Gina, is all of the houses she’s cleaned, all the things she’s learned, all of the ways she’s grown to be able achieve the highest results of excellence in her field. Her clients grade her work as Excellent!

She is respectful, caring, but most of all professional.

Don’t wait,  Gina will fill up fast!

“I’ve always loved cleaning and keeping a clean home. When I was in my search for flexible part-time work, I found the perfect environment and work-like balance in Mothers Cleaning Co-op. This job allows me to make connections with both coworkers and clients while doing something I enjoy.” Gin

Meet Bethany


She applies herself to everything she does with a gracious vigor to reach for the stars.

She is Bilingual, has been a teacher overseas in England and Africa, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian Theology.

She is a go-getter! – Lucky for us, she’s now after your dust bunnies, greasy cabinets and soap scum rings, – that won’t stand a chance!

You will not find a better fit to brighten up your house and your spirits. Don’t wait! Because Bethany’s a keeper.

“My name is Bethany, I grew up overseas, and have 4 boys who are excellent at getting things dirty, so I have lots of experience when it comes to cleaning! Coupled with my attention to detail and hard work ethic, I’ll leave your home feeling like a breath of fresh air for you to enjoy all week long.”

– Bethany

Hi Betty, Sharon here! Love Bethany
“Very thorough and everything’s so clean. Thanks much”

Sharon 11/7/2023